4th Grade Frenzy: August 2015
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August 27, 2015

Classroom Library Books

I recently was asked by a student teacher, “Where do you get all the books for your classroom library?” I thought that was a great question! I like to have a large selection of books right in our classroom for students to borrow for use in school and at home. Purchasing books can get quite costly, so I composed a list of 6 inexpensive or FREE sources for books.


1. Yard Sales - Children’s books are often 25¢ each or 5 for a dollar.

2. Library Books Sales - Your local library may have a yearly book sale with prices similar to a yard sale. Some libraries even run their sales year-round!

3. Thrift Stores - Prices as above plus don’t you love the idea of never knowing what you may find?

4. Consignment Stores - Prices may be higher, but if you are shopping there anyway, why not look around? You may find that book you have been looking for at a reasonable price.

5. Raid Your Kids’ Bookshelves - If you have your own children or nieces and nephews, ask them if they are ready to part with any of their books. My kids like to donate to my classroom because the books will be read again, and it frees up space on their own bookshelves.

6. Book Club Bonus Points - If you have your kiddos order from book clubs such as Scholastic, you can use the points to add to your classroom library. The kids like to participate in the selection!

*Need magazines for your classroom? My local library saves the old editions of children’s magazines for use in my classroom! The kids love the magazines and don’t mind that they are a few months old!

How do you stock your classroom library shelves?

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