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July 31, 2015


Are you tutoring this summer, or do you tutor after school? I am currently helping a student with math skills in order to prevent the summer slide. We try to hit on several standards during each session using a variety of strategies.

I have the student warm up by writing out her multiplication facts on a white board with fun colors, followed by a timed quiz.

Then we review basic algorithms using one of my own TpT resources:

Daily Math

Students and teachers like the format because it is not crowded. You can find it here:

I have also been using First Day of School in Fourth Grade by Sum Math Fun:

I like this resource because it integrates reading and math. Plus, the worksheets are fun!
Here is the link:

We spend the last 20 minutes of our session playing games. Here is one of our favorites:


Playing cards with the face cards removed
Dice (quiet dollar store dice pictured)
Game markers (mini erasers pictured)

Object of the Game:

To be the first player to get out of the spiral

How to Play:

1. Player 1 rolls, adds the total on the dice, and moves that number of cards from the center.
2. Player 1 multiplies the total on the dice times the number on the card. If correct, player stays on the card. If incorrect, player goes back.
3. Player 2 follows in the same way.
4. First player to get out wins.

This will be one of my stations during math rotations this year!

Here is how I stay organized for my tutoring sessions:

Tutoring Binder

You can get it here:

Try these Tutoring Record Sheets for FREE!

You can get this FREEBIE here:

These TpT resources along with plenty of fun games make our tutoring sessions fly by!

What resources have you found to help you with tutoring? How do you make the sessions fun?