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July 31, 2015


Are you tutoring this summer, or do you tutor after school? I am currently helping a student with math skills to prevent the summer slide. We hit on several standards during each session using a variety of strategies.

I have the student warm up by writing out her multiplication facts on a whiteboard with fun colors, followed by a timed quiz.

Then we review basic algorithms using one of my own TpT resources:

Daily Math

Students and teachers like the format because it is not crowded. You can find it here:

I have also been using First Day of School in Fourth Grade by Sum Math Fun:

I like this resource because it integrates reading and math. Plus, the worksheets are fun!
Here is the link:

We spend the last 20 minutes of our session playing games. Here is one of our favorites:


Playing cards with the face cards removed
Dice (quiet dollar store dice pictured)
Game markers (mini erasers pictured)

The object of the Game:

To be the first player to get out of the spiral

How to Play:

1. Player 1 rolls, adds the total on the dice, and moves that number of cards from the center.
2. Player 1 multiplies the total on the dice times the number on the card. If correct, the player stays on the card. If incorrect, the player goes back.
3. Player 2 follows in the same way.
4. The first player to get out wins.

This will be one of my stations during math rotations this year!

Here is how I stay organized for my tutoring sessions:

Tutoring Binder

You can get it here:

Try these Tutoring Record Sheets for FREE!

You can get this FREEBIE here:

These TpT resources along with plenty of fun games make our tutoring sessions fly by!

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  1. I'm so glad that my First Day of Fourth Grade has been helpful to you! It's definitely not an "All About Me" booklet. :) Thanks for blogging about it. You're the best!


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