4th Grade Frenzy: July 2023
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July 19, 2023

The First Few Days of School

As a brand new teacher, I asked about the school's procedure regarding lesson plans. My principal, Mr. Smith, answered, "Just create a checklist for the first few days of school." This was great practical advice that I followed year after year.  

Here's a sample list of what I put on my back-to-school Day 1 Lesson Plan:

1. Greet students at the door, and ask them to find their seats.

2. Briefly introduce yourself and any other adults such as aides and student teachers working with you.

3. Collect any papers or forms.

4. Confirm and list am and pm bus 🚌 numbers and other transportation methods with students. Collecting this information gives you plenty of time to check records or consult with the office before pm dismissal if necessary. 

5. Take lunch count and attendance (at least remember on the first day of school!)

6. Have students unpack all those shiny back-to-school supplies and put them away inside their desks.

7. Show students where to keep their backpacks, lunch boxes, and jackets. 

8. Briefly explain bathroom rules and take a class bathroom break. By this time, they will have to go!

9. Now they're probably hungry. Eating schedules are most likely out of sync. Consider a quick class snack to help curb those hunger pains until lunch.

10. Explain the class rules or develop them as a class.

11. Time for an icebreaker. Grab a FREE one here: Back to School Ice Breaker

12. Go over emergency procedures such as a fire 🔥 drill. 

13. Explain the lunch and recess procedures. It's probably close to lunch by now. Show students where to line up and meet you after lunch.

14. Story Time - Start with a chapter book such as The Worst Best School Year Ever.

15. Tour the school! One year, on the last day of school, we were discussing our favorite moments of the year. One student commented that the tour on the first day of school was his favorite. He further explained that being new to the school, the tour made him feel more at ease. Other students liked that they got to see their "old" teachers and changes in the building.

16. Go over first-day homework. Consider a fun assignment such as a Me Bag. You can get a FREE one here: Me Bag

17. If you have an early dismissal 🕜, start dismissal procedures.

18. If you have a full day, make a time capsule! This printable time capsule is easy to use and easy to store until the last day of school: Back to School Time Capsule

Need fresh ideas for Back to School? Try...

Back to School Games

Just for fun...

The Last Week of Summer

Wishing you a smooth back-to-school transition! 

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With faith and friendship,

July 3, 2023

Fun Back to School Games

Back to School games can be a fun way to help students get to know each other and build community.  Try mixing up some printable activities with some interactive games for back-to-school fun!

1. Duck and Cover

Students form a circle. One student stands in the middle, spins around, stops, and points to a classmate saying, "Duck and cover!" The student that was pointed at ducks and covers their head. The students on either side of the student ducking try to say the other classmate's name first. The slowest to respond loses the round and goes to the middle. The student who was just in the middle takes that student's place in the circle. Begin the next round and continue as time permits. What a fun and fast-paced way to learn classmates' names!

2. FREE Printable Icebreaker

This is the one where students try to find classmates who share the same interests or experiences. Grab a FREE Back-to-School Icebreaker HERE!

3. Following Directions Game

Students love this game! You can even time students, and have them try to beat their best score throughout the school year! 

4. Fishing Game

This game helps students who are shy or introverted participate. Students fish for questions with straightforward answers.

Mix these games into your first-day (or second-day) plans and watch your class family connections form!

Make sure to have some fun yourself before you go back to school...

The Last Week of Summer

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