4th Grade Frenzy: November 2016
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November 12, 2016

3 Sister Mosaics

These 3 Sister Mosaics are a huge hit every year with my class. So what are the 3 Sisters? Native Americans considered 3 crops to be most important: corn, squash, and beans. These crops not only provided a healthy diet but also kept the soil fertile.

These mosaics are easy and inexpensive to make! 

Various colors of 5" by 5" construction paper squares
6" by 6" neutral color card stock squares (I used dollar store file folders!)
Dried pumpkin seeds
Dried corn seeds
Dried bean seeds
Small cups to hold the seeds

1. Students glue their construction paper onto the neutral card stock background.
2. Students make a design with their seeds and glue them in place.
3. Allow to dry overnight.

Are you studying about the Lenape? LENAPE LIFEWAYS shares videos that are quite informative, and the students find them interesting. The video titled Gathering and Cooking mentions the 3 Sisters, and I use it as an introduction to the 3 Sister Mosaic activity. 

You can click HERE to get to the YouTube videos.

You may also like additional Lenape activities that are great for integrating comparing and contrasting skills.

This resource includes a sorting activity that is perfect for small group use with a Hula-Hoop Venn Diagram, a Venn Diagram recording sheet, a sample compare and contrast essay, and essay writing paper.

You can click HERE to get this resource.

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