November 19, 2017

Kindness Bulletin Board

This kindness bulletin board was very easy! I chose a black background and white border. I cut out the words on our Ellison Machine using pastel colors and white.  Then I had my students write motivational messages on pastel colored sticky notes and stick them all over the board. Finally, I sent out an email to my colleagues asking them to join in by bringing their class to the board where they would take messages to give away. I also invited them to have their kiddos add some of their own motivational messages. Here is just a sampling of what the kids came up with on their own:

All month long students would grab sticky notes to give away, but the board was always full because more sticky notes were added. This board was a fun way to encourage kindness! My heartwarming surprise was when students would take messages to give to me and other teachers. How sweet is that?!

Love the idea but don't have the sticky notes? You may want actual Post It notes for this display!