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November 12, 2021

Teaching Drawing Conclusions

Students may benefit from a concrete to abstract approach when learning how to draw conclusions. 

You could start by playing a guessing game with real items.

Some ideas are:

  • Beach bag with towel and sunblock
  • Baseball or soccer bag with equipment 
  • Birthday present
  • Dog leash and tennis ball
  • Canvas and paints
  • Suitcase
  • Book and library card
  • Flashlight and sleeping bag

Display the items and have students guess where you are going.

Explain to the students that they used the items as clues + what they already knew to draw conclusions without you actually telling them where you were going.

Explain that when we read, we use clues in the story + what we already know to draw conclusions.

This drawing conclusions worksheet can be used with any text. It works well in guided reading groups to help students develop the skill.

You can reinforce the drawing conclusions skill with worksheets throughout the school year.

November 4, 2021

Open Ended Questions For Kids

 Teach students to answer open-ended questions in just 4 steps...

1. Demonstrate how you would answer an open-ended question.

Display this question or one of your own: What are your favorite art materials to work with?

Explain to students that you will answer the question in a complete sentence which is easy because you can steal words from the question. Underline favorite art materials in the question to show the words you will steal. 

Form the answer: My favorite art materials to work with are watercolors.

Explain that you can add a bit more detail by telling why.

Form the answer: My favorite art materials to work with are watercolors because they are unpredictable.

2. Answer an open-ended question as a class.

Display a question such as: Where do you feel most happy?

Guide students in identifying which words to steal from the question. Underline feel most happy in the question. 

Form an answer such as: I feel most happy when I am at the lake.

Guide students in adding more detail.

Form an answer such as: I feel most happy when I am at the lake with my cousins, Ana and Brenda.

3. Have students answer a question independently.

Display a question such as: How do you help the environment?

Students underline words that can be stolen and answer the question independently.

Allow students time to share their answers.

4. Provide daily practice during morning work or as a station activity.

Need to save time? These open-ended question cards include both blank response sheets and guided response sheets. The guided response sheets are perfect for students who need a little more support!