4th Grade Frenzy: HELLO!
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You know you're supposed to follow the curriculum, but umm, well, sometimes it's kind of boring. No offense to the curriculum writers or anything (they could even be your buddies!) but let's face it, you're competing with social media and video games for your kiddos' attention. In order to bring students back from virtual reality, they need to do something during your lessons. But with the seemingly neverending demands placed on teachers, who has the time to make all these creative curriculum supplements to engage the little learners?

That's where I can help.

I'm Monica, author of 4th Grade Frenzy, and my passion is to help frazzled 4th Grade ish teachers avoid a meltdown by creating fun + effective activities that kids will love.

I spent 33+ years in the elementary classroom where many a late night was spent searching for or creating activities that would engage students in curriculum content and foster a love for learning. Of course, I used the district-approved curriculum, but I loved creating classroom materials to enhance my instruction!

Over the years, my students frequently said, "You make learning fun!" or "You have all the best crafts!" Although the idea that they thought we crafted all day is rather amusing, I think there's a valuable lesson here...The kids know how they learn best!

It is my honor and privilege to serve hardworking (but tired), middle-grade teachers. I am grateful to have you as a reader and for allowing me to save you precious time by sharing activities that keep students (and you!) engaged and having fun.

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And in case you're here to discover more about my other life...

I'm a South Jersey girl, born and raised. We go "down the shore" NOT "to the beach" and we do NOT pump gas! When I'm not creating activities, I love hanging out with family, friends, and my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Cooper. I love baseball (Go Phillies!), skiing, reading, amusement parks, and the Jersey shore. It is a pleasure to virtually meet you!

Monica is a graduate of The University of Delaware with BS degrees in Elementary and Special Education. She has won numerous grants and awards including County Teacher of the Year.


This blog contains teaching ideas and resources that in my opinion, may be of use to other educators, parents, and homeschoolers. It is my hope that you find the topics interesting. Feel free to leave comments, suggestions, and ideas of your own! I believe that it is through collaboration that we are able to learn and grow as educators. Whether you agree, disagree, or remain neutral to these topics, tips, and resources, let's remember to be kind to one another!

This blog may contain affiliate links (including Amazon Affiliates among others) and referral sites where I may gain money, gift cards, or promotional products. I believe in the products and services that I provide links to. You, of course, have the ability to try or not try these products and services.

Thank you for visiting!

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