4th Grade Frenzy: Boosting Staff Morale at School
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July 1, 2016

Boosting Staff Morale at School


There's no doubt about it....teaching is stressful!

Here are some fun and easy ways to raise the spirits of your staff or colleagues:

  1. Have random drawings at staff meetings for free and inexpensive prizes such as a preferred parking spot for the week or a new set of markers.
  2. Distribute bubble wrap during testing week or other stressful weeks. Include a note saying, "Pop 3 capsules every 4-6 hours or as needed for stress."
  3. Place a bowl of fresh fruit in the teachers' lounge.
  4. Write positive notes, and slide them under classroom doors.
  5. Plan and implement a staff member exercise group.
  6. Have students sing Happy Birthday to each staff member on their birthday.
  7. Check with local businesses for donations of coupons towards freebies and discounted services and products. Distribute in mailboxes or at meetings.
  8. Have a jeans day just because.
  9. Compile and distribute a list of businesses that provide educator discounts.
  10. Have a staff shout-out board! Read the shout-outs at monthly staff meetings.

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