4th Grade Frenzy: 4 More Fun And Easy Ways To Practice Multiplication Facts
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September 30, 2019

4 More Fun And Easy Ways To Practice Multiplication Facts

When it comes to math facts, drill and repetition are necessary, but the challenge is making the task interesting and fun for students. The key is to mix up the practice and try some new activities. You'll know which ones the kids like best because they will ask to play them over and over again!


Before The Activity

Ask students to focus on remembering one fact at the conclusion of the activity that previously has been difficult to memorize.

1. Play Rock Paper Scissors Math

I can't take credit for this game! I've seen it in a few places online, but I will explain how I adapted the game for my classroom.

Students walk around the room with hand raised until they find a partner. Each student high fives another student with hand raised and the pair begins to play. Together they say "Rock, paper, scissors, math!" On "math" each student puts out any number of fingers two through nine. No ones or zeros allowed because there's always that one kid! Students then multiply the two numbers of fingers that they each put out. The first student to say the answer correctly gets "wins."

The teacher rings a bell to signal the end of each round. Students again raise hands, find a different partner, and repeat the process.

This activity is great when you have limited time for practice and/or the kids are antsy and need to move about!

2. Use Write and Pass Notebooks

Using cheap notebooks, write the facts to be practiced on the cover of each notebook such as x7. Attach a multiplication chart to the back of the notebook. Some school notebooks already have one of these printed in the back! You will need as many notebooks as students.

Decide on and explain the direction that the notebooks will be passed around the class. Students should be able to reach the student who they will pass to without getting up with the exception of the one student at the end who will need to get up to give a notebook to the student at the beginning.

Give each student a random notebook and have them turn to the first blank page. He/she will write out the facts indicated in that notebook until the teacher indicates to stop.

7 x 1 = 7
7 x 2 = 14
7 x 3 = 21
and so on

You can ring a bell when it looks like most students are finishing up to signal that it is time to check answers and pass the notebooks.

Allow students a minute to check their answers with the key in the back of the notebook.

Notebooks get passed to the next student as explained and students start on the next set of facts. Continue as time permits. Collect the notebooks and store to use again for a quick review.

3. Grab the Sidewalk Chalk

Nice enough to go outside? Break out the sidewalk chalk and bring the flashcards and learning outside!

Separate into small groups of about 5 or 6 with a teacher, aide, or student leader for each group. The teacher, aide or student leader holds up flashcards and the students answer on the sidewalk or blacktop with sidewalk chalk.

If using student leaders, switch up the student leaders after a bit so everyone has the opportunity to practice with the sidewalk chalk.

Multiplication Facts Wheels

Multiplication Facts Wheels

4. Print and Go Math Wheels

Ready for some calmer practice? Try these printable math wheels. Use as morning work, daily practice, or small groups.

Follow Up

After the activity, students share which fact stuck by writing it on a sticky note and sticking it up on the board or in a place designated by the teacher.

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