4th Grade Frenzy: 5 Activities To Do After Standardized Testing
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April 15, 2023

5 Activities To Do After Standardized Testing

After standardized testing, students deserve some fun and engaging activities to unwind and celebrate their hard work!

Here are five fun activities that can be used to help students relax and recharge after testing:

1. Game Day

Have a day dedicated to games and fun activities such as board games and puzzles. This is a great way to provide a break from academics and promote teamwork and social skills.

2. Art Day

Let students explore their creative side by providing a variety of materials such as paint, markers, and clay. 

3. STEM Challenge Day

Engage your students in STEM challenges that will promote problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Activities such as building structures with toothpicks and marshmallows can be both fun and educational.

4. Outside Games Day

Students will love playing some old-fashioned outdoor games. Try reintroducing them to Duck, Duck, Goose, Hopscotch, and Baby In The Air. Add a variety of relay games and delight in watching your students step back in time.

5. Movie Day

Choose a movie that aligns with your curriculum and have a movie day. This can be a great way to reinforce concepts learned during the school year while also providing a fun and relaxing activity. Movie days are great for the very last day of testing. I can already smell the popcorn! 

After all the hard work of standardized testing, these fun and engaging activities can help your students relax and recharge while also promoting teamwork, creativity, and critical thinking skills.

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