4th Grade Frenzy: 5 Benefits of Craftivities
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November 9, 2020

5 Benefits of Craftivities

Crafting can be extended beyond learning the ABCs. When students make a craftivity, they are practicing skills that need attention.

1. Fine Motor Skills

Ask any middle-grade teacher who has been around for a while. Fine motor skills are less developed than in previous years. Of course, there are students still rocking the eye-hand coordination, but many teachers have seen this trend. Craftivities include practice with cutting, positioning, and gluing. 

2. Following Directions

See above for similar trends. Following multi-step directions can be especially challenging for students. Craftivities have many steps that can be grouped into chunks of directions for students to follow. For example, "Cut out the leaf, and glue it on the tree branch." 

3. Chill Time

Many students relax their minds during craftivity time. Don't be surprised if a few even start humming quietly to themselves. Soft music playing in the background is a great option during craftivity time.

4. Motivation To Write

Whether the completed projects will be hung up in the hall or at home on the fridge, students are usually asked to complete writing to go along with their project. Students have a purpose for writing and craftivities can be an engaging option for reluctant writers. Motivation increases when students prepare their writing to go along with a display project. 

5. Pride And Accomplishment 

Students love seeing their completed projects hung on a bulletin board or in the hall!

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1 comment:

  1. Learning should be holistic! All aspects should be developed because they are essential to living in the world. As an adult, I love crafting; it brings out my creativity in different ways, making me feel a sense of pride. I must admit that I do not do as much crafting with my learners, especially in this pandemic. These activities make great bulletin boards, and students loved seeing their work. It gave them a sense of accomplishment.
    I have great memories of their creations. I am looking forward to starting this again when the students are back in the building!


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