4th Grade Frenzy: Teaching Long Division
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January 19, 2021

Teaching Long Division

Teaching long division requires patience and practice! The following steps take students from the concrete to the abstract so they have an understanding of what long division actually is.


Step 1

Step one involves manipulatives to remind students that division is actually just making groups. I'm partial to Skittles, but other options could be: fish crackers, mini-pretzels, small crackers, etc.


Step 2

For Step 2, explain to students that it wouldn't be practical to sort items into groups when dealing with larger numbers, but base 10 blocks will help them visualize the division. 


Step 3

For Step 3, use the same problem that was used in step 2 to introduce the algorithm.


Step 4

For Step 4, continue working through a few problems together, increasing difficulty based on students' needs.


Step 5

When students are ready, show them how to check their answer with multiplication. Then, practice, practice, practice! Since some students get overwhelmed by a page filled with problems, consider having students work through one long division problem per day until confidence builds. 


Here you'll find a set of 15 worksheets where students complete one long-division problem per day. It's a great way to get students comfortable with long division!

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