4th Grade Frenzy: Classroom Management for all Types of Writing
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February 16, 2021

Classroom Management for all Types of Writing

For all types of writing, students finish assignments at different times. They will also need varying degrees of help from the teacher as they work through the writing process.

Students can continue to write while waiting for assistance from the teacher. One way to keep students writing while waiting is to provide choice boards. These choice boards can be printed and stapled into a notebook where all the related writing is kept. 


  • Start each monthly writing choice board by going over the choices and what your expectations are for each option. 
  • Next have students write in their goal. Differentiate as you see fit. Ask students to number their entries in their notebooks so that you can make a quick check of their work. A star gets colored in as each option is completed. 
  • Explain that students should use the choice boards during writing times if they finish an assignment early or they are waiting for the teacher's help. With this system in place, students can keep writing and you may no longer hear, "I'm done!"

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