4th Grade Frenzy: 10 Ways to Promote Reading at Home
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September 19, 2022

10 Ways to Promote Reading at Home

 Creating readers can be fun, and the process lends itself to parent-child bonding.

When parents or guardians ask how they can promote reading at home, here are some ideas you can suggest:

1. Visit the Local Library.

Can you remember the smell of your childhood library? The feeling of choosing those 3 books to take home? Today's libraries offer so much more than physical books. Children may enjoy an educational program at the library followed by choosing a few books to borrow. Some libraries even hold used book sales a few times a year. You just may find that perfect book for 50¢!

2. Let Them See You Read, Read, Read.

Children observe and learn from the adults around them. Take a physical book with you wherever a wait is involved...dental and doctor's appointments, motor vehicle, practices, etc. Let them see you reading at the park, the beach, and while relaxing at home.

3. Visit a Bookstore.

Plan an outing to a local bookstore. To keep expenses down, set a limit as to how much your child can spend.

4. Give Books as Gifts.

Books make great gifts and there are so many possibilities to match interests. Start a tradition of giving a book on a holiday that your family celebrates. Gift cards to a bookstore are another option.

5. Make a Reading Fort.

Make a fun fort out of blankets or sheets. Grab books, flashlights, and some snacks. Let the fun begin!

6. Read to the Kids.

Kids are never too old to hear a story, and a bedtime story is a nice relaxing way to end the day.

7. Listen to Audio Books.

Driving the kids to practice? Have that book downloaded and ready to go. 

8. Visit a Little Library.

If you pass one of those little libraries, leave a book and take a book. If you don't have a little library nearby, why not make one?

9. Have a Reading Picnic.

Pack a lunch, a blanket, and some books. Find some shade and enjoy your snacks and books!

10. Encourage Kids to Read to Younger Siblings or Even Pets!

Children can read picture books to younger siblings. If the books are below grade level, they can still help build fluency and confidence. Reading to pets could also be fun!

Parents and guardians, along with the children, are sure to benefit from some additional reading time at home!

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