4th Grade Frenzy: 100% Fun, 100% Educational: 3 End of School Year Math Games for Kids
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May 5, 2023

100% Fun, 100% Educational: 3 End of School Year Math Games for Kids

Kids need a break from traditional math lessons as the end of the school year winds down. These math games are the perfect way to spice up the last few weeks of school by reviewing math concepts and having fun.

1. Math Bingo

Start by having students complete this FREE multiplication chart: 

Students then fold a blank piece of paper 4 times, unfold it, and trace over the fold lines. Using the multiplication chart, students fill in the 16 boxes with different products. Each product can only be used one time unless it appears on the chart more than once such as 24. Distribute bingo chips and begin play by calling out any multiplication problem on the chart. Students cover the product if they have it. The teacher can keep track of the facts called by crossing out the products as they are used. The first student to get 4 in a row wins! 

2. Math Scavenger Hunt

Write math problems on index cards and hide the cards around the classroom or outside. Pair students up and give them clues as to where to find each math problem. Students must solve each problem before trying to find the next one. The group that finishes first with correct answers wins!

3. Math Relay Race

Divide the class into 4 teams and have students form 4 lines outside. Divide a set of multiplication fact flashcards into sets of 4 and place them ahead so that students will run and pick one up. At your signal, the first student on each team runs, grabs a flash card, and brings it back to the next student in line to answer. When the correct answer is given, that student runs to the stack of flashcards, grabs one, and runs back to their team line. The teacher should supervise the lines to make sure the problems are being answered correctly. When an entire team finishes, that group sits down silently. The team that finishes and sits first wins!

Students will better understand math concepts and be better prepared for next year. Get ready for some math-filled fun!

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