4th Grade Frenzy: Math Motivation with Food
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September 6, 2023

Math Motivation with Food

If you find your students (and you!) getting a little bored with the math curriculum, try adding food to your lessons.

1. Appetizing Assignments

Grab some snacks and lots of math problems. The problems could come from students' math books, task cards, or worksheets.  Assign a $ value to each math problem. Then assign a $ amount to the snacks, and put them on display. Students solve problems correctly in order to get enough $ to buy the desired snack. 

Possibilities for distributing the problems:

  • Use premade worksheets and write the value on each problem before copying the pages for the class.
  • Label bins or bags with $ values.Write problems and their values on 3X5 index cards. Add the completed index cards to the appropriate bins. Students select one problem at a time to solve.
  • Use task cards you already have on hand. A wipe-off marker or removable sticker can be used to assign values to the problems.

2. (X, Y) Marks the Spot

*This game is for classrooms with square tile floors that can be used as coordinates.

While students are at recess or special, hide several snacks at various coordinates throughout the room. Mark the coordinate (0, 0) with tape, chalk, or an erasable marker.

Write various coordinates on 3 X 5 index cards and place them in a bin. When students return, they each select a card. One at a time, they stand on (0, 0) and proceed to the coordinates on their card. If a snack is found, the student takes it and goes to the end of the line. If there is no snack, the student just returns to the end of the line to try again. Continue as time allows or until cards run out. 

3. Cheese Cracker Math

This area and perimeter activity can quickly and easily be added to your lessons: 

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Jenneane says, "I can't say enough about this resource! My students love any opportunity to work with food!

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Students are sure to be motivated for math! 

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