4th Grade Frenzy: Following Directions Fun
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November 5, 2023

Following Directions Fun

 Following directions takes practice!

Here are a few ideas to consider...

1. Blindfolded Buddies

Hide sets of objects around the room (such as a stack of plastic cups, a container of dice, etc.) Students get paired up. One wears a blindfold while the other gives directions to find the objects. Once found, the pair waits at a designated spot in the room for classmates to finish. Students return the objects and switch places.

2. Coloring Craziness

Purchase identical dollar store coloring books for students or use free coloring pages. Give students directions to color certain parts of a picture with a specific color such as, "Color 3 of the dogs green. Color 2 of the dogs blue." Once students get going, give silly directions such as, "Draw wings on 1 of the blue dogs."

3. Fun With Food

Use snack foods such as goldfish crackers and pretzel sticks. Have students follow your directions to arrange the snacks on a paper plate. You can add math concepts such as patterns, even/odd numbers, fractions, etc. to your directions.

4. Scavenger Hunt

Use small treats and party favor prizes. Break students into small groups and give them written clues and directions to find the prizes. Sometimes the clues lead to more clues and sometimes they lead to a prize.

5. Play Games

Vintage games such as Simon Says and Red Light Green Light are good for following directions and require no prep.

For an easy printable game, try this student favorite: 

Following directions just may improve with plenty of practice!

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