4th Grade Frenzy: National 4th Graders Day - 4 More Ideas!
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January 5, 2024

National 4th Graders Day - 4 More Ideas!

4th Grade is worth celebrating!

Here are 4 more ideas to celebrate National 4th Graders Day!

1. Have a 4 of Everything Day.

Use the number 4 all day long. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Participate in 4 Brain Breaks

Complete 4 Math Problems

Tell 4 Jokes

Complete 4 Exercises

Show 4 Acts of Kindness

Eat 4 Cookies

Read 4 Short Stories

Write 4 Sentences

Draw 4 Pictures

Sing 4 Songs

Locate 4 Countries

Complete a 4-Step Science Experiment

2. Make a craft activity.

This disco ball 4th Grade Era resource is print and go!

3. Play Connect 4.

4. Play 4 Corners!

Need an educational 4 Corners game?

Try this popular one:

4th Grade Rocks!

Click HERE for more National 4th Graders Day ideas!

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