4th Grade Frenzy: 2024 Big Game and Taylor Swift Ideas for the Classroom
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February 8, 2024

2024 Big Game and Taylor Swift Ideas for the Classroom

Are your students talking about the Big Game? Football has a different level of appeal now that Taylor Swift plans to attend!

Here are 5 ideas to integrate a Big Game/Taylor Swift theme into your lessons:

1. Creative Writing

Have students write a story where they get to attend the Big Game. Provide time for students to share their stories.

2. Character Education

Set up a station where students can make friendship bracelets for others. Students can use inspirational and good sportsmanship words. 

3. Biographies

This station will include books about football players and musicians. Check your school library and the children's section at your local library for books. Thrift shops are another option! Here are a few you may consider:

Who Was Peyton Manning? by Kirsten Anderson

Who Is Tom Brady? by James Buckley Jr.

Who Is Taylor Swift? by Kirsten Anderson

Who Was Louis Armstrong? by Yona Zeldis McDonough

Who Were the Beatles? by Geoff Edgers

Students can complete a mini biography book report after they read.

4. Cultural Connections

Students research Tokyo and complete a mini-report.

5. Puzzles

Students can complete word searches and other puzzles relating to Taylor Swift and football. For an extra challenge, provide blank grid paper for students to create their own.

6. Math Word Problems

Students can practice various math skills by completing math problems related to the singer and the big game! A scoot setup would work perfectly! Place one task card on each desk. Play some Taylor Swift music as students roam about the room. When the music stops, students go to a desk and complete the problem on the card. Go over the answers. 

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