4th Grade Frenzy: 2024 Solar Eclipse for Kids
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March 13, 2024

2024 Solar Eclipse for Kids

The next solar eclipse will occur in North America on April 8, 2024. This event will surely spark curiosity in your students. Check out a few ways to make the solar eclipse a remarkable learning experience!

1. Safety First

Students must be instructed to not look at the sun even during a solar eclipse. Explain that there are special glasses to be worn (not regular sunglasses.) For the 2017 solar eclipse, our local libraries gave away solar eclipse viewing glasses for free. It may be worth checking out in your area.

2. Model a Solar Eclipse.

Use a flashlight (sun), a globe (earth), and a ball (moon) to demonstrate what happens during a solar eclipse.  Have one student hold the globe. Another student shines the flashlight on the earth. The third student moves the moon in between the globe and the flashlight. The "moon" is blocking the "sun's" light from reaching the earth. This is called a solar eclipse.

3. Invite an Astronomer to Class.

Contact local colleges to see if an astronomy professor would be willing to visit and share some info with the kids. 

4. The Passage and Timing

Check out this page for specific information on the 2024 solar eclipse:

Great American Eclipse

Will you be in school?

5. Visit Nasa's Website.

NASA has a great page for kids.

NASA Space Place

6. Make a Fun Craft.

Your students will love making this solar eclipse craft:

2024  Solar Eclipse Craftivity 

The 2024 Solar Eclipse is a unique opportunity for learning and discovery. You may even spark a lifelong interest in science! 

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