4th Grade Frenzy: Summer Reading (not a challenge)
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May 27, 2024

Summer Reading (not a challenge)

One of the best ways to prevent the summer slide is to keep kids reading over the summer. Help the grown-ups by suggesting ways to make reading easy and fun. 

Some ideas include: 

1. Book Clubs

Students can form summer book clubs with their friends. They can plan regular meet-ups to share their thoughts about the books. Wouldn't it be fun to make a fort to have the meet-ups?!

2. Audio Books

Audiobooks are a way to change things up a bit. Some apps are even free from the library.

3. Local Library

Make regular trips to the library. Children can choose books that interest them. Many libraries offer programs and events along with a summer reading program.

4. Book-Themed Movie Nights

Read a book together and then watch the movie. You could even serve snacks that relate to the story.

5. Family Reading Nights

Designate one night a week to gather and read. 

6. Storytelling

Create stories together as a family. Each family member can take turns adding to the story. Be sure to write it down!

7. Book Swap

Organize a book swap with other families. Each child can bring books they've read and exchange them for new ones. The adults can participate as well.

8. Reading Picnic

Pack some books and a picnic lunch. Head to the park or beach.

9. Bookstore

Visit a local bookstore to browse. Set a budget and let each child choose a book to buy.

10. Reading Nook

Create cozy reading nooks with pillows and comfy chairs. Try a tent or fort for added fun!

Engaging students in summer reading with their families can create memories and strengthen reading habits.

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With faith and friendship,

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